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Learn More About HazelHuts
& Long Future Farms
Farm Lodging Experience and Educational Events in New York State

HazelHuts is an agritourism enterprise partnering with ecological farms in Upstate New York.


Our mission is to offer unique vacation experiences, and educational events that support the local community.

Meet Claire and Ben, the owners of HazelHuts. Ben is an agroforestry & regenerative agriculture consultant (Stromback Land Regeneration LLC) and land manager in New York State. Claire is an energy consultant specializing in US local clean energy policy. Their shared passion for the outdoors and sustainability has led them to​ create HazelHuts.

© 2024 - HazelHuts

We believe that responsible tourism can make a positive impact on the environment and the local community.

Come stay with us on Long Future Farms and discover the beauty of regenerative agriculture with the perfect blend of comfort and nature!

At HazelHuts, we are dedicated to providing our guests with exceptional service and a memorable stay. Whether you need help planning your trip or have any questions during your stay, our team is always here to assist you.

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About "HazelHuts"

Partnership opportunities: Are you looking for a unique space to organize workshops and events? Would you like someone to help you organize an event at your own place? Or are interested in sustainable lodging opportunities? Reach out!

About "Long Future Farms"

Regenerative Agroforestry Farms in New York State

Long Future Farms' vision is to leverage the productivity and efficiency of regenerative agriculture practices to implement nature-based solutions while generating business success through agroforestry: perennial crop agriculture that leverages natural systems through the intelligent design of a more sustainable and resilient ecosystem.

The farm products are grown in a way that’s sustainable, balanced, and healthy for people, animals, and the planet.

© 2024 - Long Future Farms
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Each farm is built to be a complete ecosystem that will produce delicious, healthy food for generations.


Areas of focus:

  • Sprouted and growing

  • Animals and Silvopasture

  • Building complete ecosystems

Learn more and buy the farm products via their network of regenerative agroforestry farms' website:

Note: Grass-fed beef and poultry shipping is currently possible all across the Northeast.

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